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Armadio Mito

CAM ARMADA arose in Florence in 2015 from the ashes of 2 historic and leading furniture companies, mainly in the design and production of cabinets and bedrooms, with a unique combination of modernity and craftsmanship.

With its new collection, CAM ARMADI now stays up to date with all the latest styles. We provide the ultimate combination of contemporary furniture and tradition.

Our high quality of materials and workmanship maintain the standard that makes MADE IN ITALY unique in the world.

CAM offers a wide range of solutions to meet even the most demanding needs.

By studying and designing tailor-made solutions, the customer is able to then see his project completed. All this thanks to our professional, experienced and well-established team.

The high quality of the materials used to make the products make our collections unique. The care we provide to the details and craftsmanship of our carpenters, painters and decorators, give the finished product a timeless beauty for a new dimension of living .

The structures, doors and shelves we use for our cabinets are made of honeycomb core panels, a solid frame of Fir Tree plated with veneered panels in natural Tanganika walnut.

This structure guarantees maximum durability and reliability over time, allowing for easy dismantling and reassembly without any alteration of the actual structure.

Furniture made to fit our lifestyle, now an in the future.

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